USD monthly

Call forwarding from a local number in Mexico to a U.S.A cell phone

Call forwarding from a local number in Mexico to a U.S.A cell phone is available now without any cost to whomever is calling you.

Obtain the same advantages as a conventional phone line without incurring great expense and installation costs. We provide you a local number in any of the cities available (see our available cities).

People will be able to call you without incurring long-distance call costs, regardless of the location of the device that receives the call.

USD monthly

Unlimited plan

Unlimited phone calls to local destinations which include national and international long distance options except cell phone calls in Mexico. Some exceptions apply.* (*see list)

When you sign up for this plan there are no additional charges for phone calls or minutes. The plan is renewed automatically every month unless we receive a written cancellation with at least a 2 day previous notice.

USD minimum payment

Pre-paid plan

From $0.08 USD ($0.85 MXN) per minute phone calls to Mexico, the United States and Canada, Europe, and various countries all over the world. You pay only the time on minutes used for long distance phone calls.

This option is perfect for those who already have a phone service provider, but want to lower their long distance phone call costs without sacrificing the number of phone calls usually made.

The pre-paid plan allows you have more control over the phone calls you make based on your pre-paid balance.

Get your own local line (beta)

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Syner IP offers new solutions in Voice over the Internet Protocol telecommunications, high speed services, and automated communication technology.

  • Lowest rates in prepaid service cards.
  • Public telephones that generate additional incomes for you business.
  • Phone lines in cities different to where you are allowing your clients and relatives call you paying only a local phone call.
  • Voice messages sent to your e-mail.
  • Call Forwarding.
  • Better attention to your clients using Call Centers.
  • Corporative applications.